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Creating contemporary, chic home decor inspired by houses in Provence requires an understanding of the unique vintage charm of the French countryside. Houses in Provence are warm, light and relaxed; filled with natural fabrics and vintage furniture. 

Modern home design ideas, inspired by Provencal country houses, blend practical functionality and luxurious materials, pastel wall colours and bright accents, shabby chic, decorative centrepieces, vintage furnishings and floral designs, creating inviting and stylish spaces with unique atmosphere.

Pastel yellow walls, lavender colour painted window shutters and wooden doors invite and enchant you in. The Provence style at it’s core is an exciting and eclectic  mix of country house harmony and elegance with the simple and inexpensive interior of a farmhouse.  

Provencal style calls for open interior design and soft colour palettes with dramatic brightly coloured accents and rustic floral prints. The style blends the intoxicating aromas of local markets, shops and French cafes, spiced up with the delicious tastes and colours of Provencal food.

An uncomplicated approach and timeless elegance make modern interiors in Provencal style feel very comfortable, pleasant and chic.


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The focus of this shop is to offer high quality, iconic, vintage furniture, lighting, accessories and art objects.

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