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A Balance Between Contemporary & Modern

It takes time and dedication to design an elegant living space that retains a modern edge. We hope to offer some inspiration how you can create a very personal style statement.

Our Collections

We offer furnishings, lighting, accessories and art objects created by the iconic product designers of the twentieth century. We admire the natural evolution of materials and seek beautiful, bespoke objects that take time and care to create and bring with them several lifetimes of use and enjoyment.

Re-use the past, create the future
We don’t like the disposable world we live in and the idea of incorporating vintage pieces into the home as a more sustainable way of living is important to us. In fact, for today’s eco-conscious consumer, there is no more environmentally friendly a way to furnish a home.

Chic pieces that transform living spaces
From our carefully sourced collections of vintage, mid-century, retro and up-cycled  furniture, lighting and art objects, to interior design ideas and professional advice, our aim is to give you a shopping experience that will inspire and excite you about your design journey.

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