Royal Doulton Art Deco Dinner Set 1940s


A truly rare find. Made in England in 1940s, this vintage Art Deco dinner set has a very distinctive and intricate Diamond & Arrow design with smooth gold rim. 

Pattern: D5438 by Royal Doulton

Material: Fine Bone china, off-white with brown-gold pattern

Set of: 55 pieces

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    This Royal Doulton Art Deco fine bone china dinner set typically showcases elegant geometric designs and intricate patterns of the Art Deco era.
    Vintage Royal Doulton china holds significant collectible value due to its craftsmanship, intricate designs, and historical significance. These pieces often boast exquisite hand-painted patterns, iconic styles from various periods, and sometimes limited-edition or discontinued collections, making them sought-after by collectors worldwide. The value can vary based on rarity, condition, age, and specific patterns or series produced by Royal Doulton over the years.
    Fabulous fine bone china 55 pieces dinner set with elegant, early 20th century gilded pattern and comprising of:
    • 12 side plates 21.5cm
    • 11 dinner plates 26cm
    • 12 small soup/salad plates 24cm
    • 12 large soup plates 26cm
    • 1 large round serving platter 31cm
    • 3 large oblong serving platters 28cm / 33cm / 39cm
    • 1 large soup tureen 26cm W
    • 2 medium size soup tureens 24cm W
    • 1 grave/sauce boat 17cm W + saucer

    Offered in fabulous pre-owned conditions with very little wear.