Chinese Dragon Wall Art

£300.00 £250.00

Large bespoke circular metal sign cut from fine grade metal

Diameter – 108cm 

Chinese Longevity symbol cut out in polished reflective metal finish is laid on top of an opaque metal round plate. Metal dragon is fixed over using metal studs to create 3D layered design.
One-off, bespoke amazing wall art and it will look amazing when lit from behind. 
Strong hanging hooks. Some of the screws at the back will need to be soldered back. 


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The Chinese culture has always valued the idea of bringing longevity and good luck in their lives. For this, they use symbols that characterise the various qualities of creating a good aura of love, happiness and good luck in their homes.

Longevity “Shou” is recognised as attaining one of the five blessings – long life, wealth, health, love of virtue and peaceful death .

Shou” is the symbol that acquired its name from the God “ Shou – Hsing”, who was worshipped as the Controller of the Human destiny.

Offered in great pre-owned conditions.


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Chinese Dragon Metal Wall Light

Chinese Dragon Wall Art
Chinese Dragon Wall Art
Chinese Dragon Wall Art